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Taekwondo Black Belt

About US


 We are a Taekwondo school at heart and hold our standards in line with British Taekwondo.

However, we aim to deliver classes to all kinds of students at all ages and abilities.

Our Core Classes focus on growth and progression through the belts, learning every aspect of Taekwondo until you achieve your black belt.

There is no obligation to grade and if you choose to we will make sure you are more than ready to pass.

All of our instructors are fully qualified with First Aid, DBS and Instructor Qualifications from British Taekwondo and British Martial Arts and Boxing Association,  and are recognised Black Belts.

So if you are a dedicated, competitive martial artist, or just want to challenge your fitness or learn some self-defence, no matter who you are, we have a class for you.



I have been training in Taekwondo since I was 12 and have experience in teaching for over 10 years.

My goal with the school is to offer as many avenues for students to grow, regardless of experience level. 

I love Taekwondo and the Martial Arts, I have grown so much in life because of my training and I don't think I would be the person I am today without it.

I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt as ceritified by British Taekwondo. I have taught self-defence, sparring, fitness and graded students and I am now proud to be continuing that under the guidance of British Taekwondo and British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

I also have some experience in other martial arts such as Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Tricking and MMA.

We are an open, inclusive and welcoming school and I value every student and will always do my best to make your sessions as personal as possible and to help you achieve your potential.

Look forward to seeing you in class.


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