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Juniors and Seniors

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of our school for the Juniors and Seniors classes.

These classes teach everything that is on the curriculum for British Taekwondo Gradings and will be held every 4 months.

In these classes you will learn how to traditionally and correctly perform techniques. You will learn a pattern (Poomsae) based on your level to perform. You will learn effective self-defence moves, how to apply power to break through targets such as boards and of course Taekwondo Sport Sparring with upto date sparring rules.

Benefits of this class include: Promotion in line with World Taekwondo standards, understanding of traditional and sport Taekwondo, learning a variety of techniques and applications, increased Fitness and Flexibility, better Focus and Discipline and increased Self-Esteem and Respect.

The Little Tigers Curriculum is a specially designed class for Students age 4-6, using the Martial Arts to develop key skills.

Each week will focus on a new skill and students will be tested regularly and graded every 3 months and with each belt increasing in difficulty so that students are always pushing and developing.  

The benefits of this class include: Increased focus, better discipline, healthy body and mind as well as respect for the self and others.



Taekwondo has a strong competitive scene, partly in combat sports, but also in performance and demonstrations.

This class is be geared towards students who wish to compete in patterns and Poomsae Performances as well as Board Breaking Demonstrations within World Taekwondo.

Also in this class we will be pushing the limits of performance with advanced kicks like those seen in Capoiera and Tricking.

Weapons training, for both demonstration and stunt work will also be available to round out this classes curriculum and progression system.

This class really put the 'Art' in Martial Arts.

At Taekwondo Academy Stockport we like to stay up to date on World Taekwondo rule-sets as seen in the Olympics. However, our sparring classes will explore a variety of rulesets from Old and New Taekwondo, and even trying out  Elements of Kickboxing and Point Sparring as well as MMA sparring to help our students be more well rounded Martial Artists.

This class is the perfect opportunity to put all your training through some pressure testing.

Each Week will focus on a new rule-set, run through the fundamentals then allow plenty of time for free sparring as the best way to learn is by doing it.

Benefits of this class include: Knowledge of different Martial Arts Sparring rule-sets, Practical and Sport application of techniques, increased Speed and Reactions, better cardio fitness and stamina as well as competition opportunities.

Sparring Class

Fitness Class

The Fitness Class is purely designed to work your fitness and flexibility using the Martial Arts.

The exercises practiced will push you in terms of strength, speed, stamina and more. 

This class is great for those who just want to use the Martial Arts to get fit, but also for serious Martial Artists as a supplementary class to increase their physicality.

Each week will focus on different areas of martial artist physicality such as Strength training, Cardio Work, Flexibility and Body Hardening

Benefits of this class include: Increased Flexibility, More Strength and Power, Better Fitness, Increased Speed and Stamina.

If you have any further questions about our classes, click the button below to contact us.

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